If you love super easy recipes that can be cooked with just a handful of ingredients, you'll love these recipes for smoked bacon with brown sugar and butter. 

* Ingredients:

° 1 bacon pound, cutting to thirds
° 1 pound Lil' Smokees (small sausages)
° 1 stick of butter
° 2 cups brown sugar

* Directions :

Heat oven 375 degrees f .
Cutting bacon to thirds also roll every smoked piece (small sausage)
Placing all rolled stacks in single layer in baking dish.
Then melt stiick of butter, & a c brown sugar, & stirring to well mixed .Pour butter & brown sugar mix on smoke and bacon.
& taking  other c brown sugar also sprinkling it equally on smoke.
Baking 15-20 min, then raise heat to 400F for 5 min or more, to bacon is crispy.