Be careful with your eyes, it makes you want to! This crazy dessert is characterized by a first brownie base, topped with a peanut butter part and finally topped with a chocolate coulis for the icing. The buckeye brownie is invited to all your events and your snacks. It can be shared and devoured without moderation accompanied by a sparkling drink.

* Ingredients :

° 113 g of melted butter
° 100 g of sugar
° 50 g of brown sugar
° 1 large egg
° 1 tsp NATURAL-vanilla-extract
° 40 g of bitter cocoa powder
° 160 g of flour
° ½ teaspoon of baking powder
° ½ teaspoon desel
° 85 g of chocolate chips
+For decoration:
° 225 g of peanut butter
° 200 g of sugar
° 120 g of melted pastry chocolate

* Preperation :

1. Preheat the oven to 175 ° C. In a bowl, whisk the butter and the two sugars until they are smooth. Add the egg, vanilla and cocoa and stir. Add the flour, baking powder and salt and mix. Add the chocolate chips.
2. Take 12 balls of dough and place them on two baking sheets, lined with parchment paper. Press lightly on the top. Cook for 10 minutes.
3. Mix powdered sugar and peanut butter until completely blended. Form 12 balls with the mixture. To book.
4. Take the cookies out of the oven Let cool for about 5 minutes and then transfer the cookies to a wire rack, place the peanut butter balls on top and let cool completely.
5.  Drizzle with melted chocolate. Leave to harden & Enjoy !