Chicken & dumplings

The chicken and dumplings I grew up on have always been made with large, fluffy dumplings cooked over chicken broth. Love the stuff, but I found this chicken dumpling casserole recipe and tried it last night...OMG, fast, easy and delicious!!!!

* Ingredients :

° Boneless chicken from grilled chicken (without skin)
° 1 piece of melted butter
° 1 cup milk
° 1 c selfrising flour (must be self-rising)
° 2 c chicken broth
° 1 packet heavy cream of chicken soup

* Preparation : 

The Oven preheaated 375 degres
Spread chicken in a baking dish 9x13
Pour butter equally on chicken
Seasonning with some salt & pepper
In  bowl, beat flour // milk. Pour slowly and evenly over the chicken. Don't move!
In same bowl, whisk chicken broth & soup chicken. Pour to baking tray. Don't moving . The dumpliings are forme as they bake.
Baking wiithout  lid for 45 min. permit it rest for at least 5 min before serve, allow dumplings to finish forme. The lonnger it sits, more dumplings you'll get. Same quality on the second day too!!! 😋