Are you looking for a cheap and easy to make family recipe? The old-fashioned beef stew recipe is ideal, especially in winter when it's cold !

 And she kindly passed it on to me. I love to do it when there are a lot of us at the table. It treats everyone, even the biggest appetites.

Since there is no wine in it, everyone loves it! And me, I appreciate being able to prepare this dish in advance to enjoy my guests.

* Ingredients :

+For 4 people - Preparation time: 15 min - Cooking time: 1h30 -

° 750 g of beef (braising beef, bourguignon or beef cheek) -
° Oil and butter -
° 3 onions -
° 3 cubes of meat broth -
° 750 g carrots -
° 500 g of potatoes -
° 1 small can of tomato paste -
° 1/2 liter of water - salt, pepper -
° 1 C. to s. oil -
° 30 g butter -
° salt pepper

* How to do :

1. Cut the beef into large cubes.
2. Peel and mince the onions.
3. Peel the carrots and potatoes.
4. Cut the carrots into slices and the potatoes into quarters.
5. In a casserole dish, pour the drizzle of oil and add the butter.
6. When the mixture is hot, put the meat.
7. Stir regularly to brown the pieces of meat.
8. Add the onions and simmer until they turn brown. 9. Salt and pepper to taste. 10. Dissolve the bouillon cubes in water and pour everything into the casserole dish.
11. Cook over low heat for 20 minutes.
12. Add the carrots and tomato puree.
13. Leave to cook for another 20 minutes.
14. Put the cut potatoes.
15. Simmer again for 50 min.

Enjoy !