Sloppy Joe Sandwich

The recipe for this very gourmet sandwich is taken from the book "La Cuisine Américaine Familiale et Authentique" by your Chef Cathleen, published by Hachette Cuisine.  Take this course to learn all about the Sloppy Joe Sandwich. It is so delicious and garnished that it is impossible to taste it without putting it all over the place! A must have for foodies!

* The ingredients (for 6  people)

° Ground beef: 1 kg
° Onion (s): 1 whole
° Green pepper (s): 1 whole
° Garlic clove (s): 5 whole
° Ketchup: 5 g
° Cane sugar: 20 g
° Chili (spices): 2 tbsp.  coffee
° Sweet mustard: 5 g
° Water: 25 cl
° Plain tomato puree: 60 g
° Cayenne pepper: 3 g
° English sauce: 6 drop (s)
° Red tabasco: 3 drop (s)
° Fine salt: 6 pinch (s)
° Pepper mill: 3 turn (s)

° Hamburger bread (s): 6 whole
° Unsalted butter: 20 g

* Description of the recipe :

For the meat
 Brown the minced meat in a large frying pan in foamy butter.
Peeled & finely chop onion & garlic. Open the green pepper, remove the seeds and cut it into small cubes.
Add the vegetables to the meat and mix well. Simmer for a few moments.
Add the ketchup, sugar, chili spices, mustard, and water. Adjust seasoning.
Add the tomato coulis, chilli and both sauces. Simmer another 5 minutes.

For the breads
Open the burger buns and spread them with butter. Brown them for a few minutes in the oven.
Garnish the breads generously with the preparation. Serve hot with fries.

Enjoy !