Your friends will be delighted with the incredible smell in your home. Here is a simple and secret DIY solution!

In this article, we'll show you how to create a stronger herbal aroma than air fresheners.Spray your private house and its good smell will stay for a long time.Your guests will love it too.It's certainly easy to do, and the essential ingredients for this dressing aren't very expensive.


A vaporizer.
A tsp baking soda.
3 c lukewarm water.
3 tsp fabric softener.

* Preparation & employ :

Putting 3 tsps fabric softener in spraying bottle.
After that, adding 3 c lukewarm water to bottle.
Finally, adding tsp baking soda.
Shake bottle well to substances are mixed.
Spraying mix all on your home.

In addition to this natural aroma, you can use other homemade products to refresh your interior.