Fried chicken recipe

Once is not custom, today I offer you a frying recipe! Usually I like to do without it but to tell you everything,! This fried chicken recipe will make you forget about fast food if you are a fan of it. If this is not the case, all the more reason to test it urgently as the result is exquisite! This breaded and fried chicken will win all the votes with children (and adults as well of course). The recipe is very simple to make, and surprisingly fast.

°600 grams of chicken cutlets
°3 rusk sachets
°3 beaten eggs in omelette
°30 milliliters milk
°1.5 liters frying oil

*Recipe steps

Ideally, marinate the chicken breast overnight, cut into strips more or less 3cm wide, with the spices you like (paprika curry pepper of your choice). Don't forget to salt
Blend the rusks in a food processor, but not too finely.
Prepare 3 containers: one for the rusk breadcrumbs, another for the flour and the last one for the egg and milk mixture.
Roll the chicken pieces in the flour, then the egg and the rusk breadcrumbs
And cook in hot oil for 10 minutes until golden brown.
Place on paper towel to absorb excess fat and eat hot!

Enjoy !