Why You Should Store Fruit In Mason Jars Instead Of The Containers They Come In

I love having fresh fruit at home, but the problem is that by the time I get home from the grocery store, it looks like the fruit has already started to spoil. Luckily, there's a trick to storing your fruit that will help you keep it fresh longer.

When you bring your fruit home from the grocery store, the first thing to do is to remove it from the plastic containers it came in and recycle it. Next, clean your sink and fill it with water (you can also use a large bowl). & adding few Tsp distilled vinegar. You will then want to submerge your fruit in water and let it soak for about 10-15 minutes. The goal is to get rid of any mold or bacteria on the fruit, causing it to rot faster.

Once the fruits have soaked well, remove them from the vinegar water, transfer them to a colander and rinse them with cold water. Let the fruit dry on a tea towel or paper towel. Once dry, transfer the fruit to mason jars and seal those lids. This is the best way to make your fruits last, especially berries, which tend to be very prone to mold and bacteria buildup.

And that's all! Incorporating these few extra steps into fruit preparation and storage can help you eliminate food waste, save money, and keep your fridge stocked with fresh produce longer.  I have to go grocery shopping on Sunday, and I will definitely be preparing and storing our fruit this way!