The kitchen, central room of the house, accommodates the meals, the stock of food and the moments spent cooking. Inevitably, it is here that the majority of smells are created which then disperse in your home... Decorating trends have brought with them the kitchen open to the living room: practical and convivial, it nevertheless lets the scents slip through to your textiles. How to cure it ?  Here are 3 very effective tips.

White vinegar: White vinegar, a shock ally! If you have bad smells in your kitchen, opt for the use of white vinegar in a bowl that you place on your work surface. It absorbs the most persistent odors. You can use it in the dishwasher as well as in the fridge, in order to eliminate certain odorous sources directly involved.

Lemon: Another miraculous product: lemon. Thanks to this food, associated with the cloves that you stick in, you easily get rid of stubborn odors in your kitchen. On the worktop of this one or in your fridge, it absorbs unwanted perfumes and leaves a good smell of citrus. It is also effective for cleaning your microwave: in a bowl, mixed with a little water, heat it for 40 seconds.

Baking soda: Finally, remember that baking soda is the worst enemy of lingering odors! In the bottom of your garbage bucket, sprinkle a little of this natural product and say goodbye to the bad odors released by your garbage bag. You can also place a small cup filled with baking soda in your fridge to keep a neutral smell inside. Finally, to clean your sink drains, pour in half a cup of baking soda and run hot water.

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My cat's litter box smells bad, what should I do?

Do you have a soft furry friend at home? They are adorable, but when it comes to cleaning their litter box, bad smells quickly appear. How to neutralize odors from cat litter?

Here are three unstoppable tips to limit the unpleasant scents that sometimes escape.
Regularly remove your cat's excrement using a small shovel and place it in an airtight bag. If you have a garden, throw them outside in an area provided for this purpose.

Use a closed litter box equipped with a hinged door: this almost airtight box neutralizes bad litter odors. For even more efficiency, you can also make or acquire a box to hide your cat's litter box. Not only will you no longer see the litter box, but in addition the odors will remain locked in the trunk.

Remember to ventilate everything regularly. Just like the rest of your home, regularly clean your cat's litter box with baking soda and white vinegar. These natural products are very effective in combating bad odors.