*How Clean Toilet From Top To Bottom*

We spend almost 3 years of our lives there, they are part of our daily routine and an essential place in every home: toilets, although cramped and often hidden, deserve special attention!

Sure, this is never fun, but very necessary...Don't worry, we've come up with a quick fix to make your toilet shine in 3 minutes flat. are you ready ? Follow the guide!

 You need

Homemade vinegar spray (for the recipe, go here)
toilet brush
A pair of rubber household gloves
clean rag
Tea tree essential oil

1 minute: out of the toilet
We often forget the outside of the toilet, in favor of the toilet bowl...but the scale can also get stuck there, and it can damage your toilet beyond repair. Therefore, your first task will be to make the exterior parts of your toilet shine. Armed with a white vinegar spray, spray and polish all of the exteriors shown in the photo below:

Start at the top and, as the vinegar works, attack the bottom of the toilet, paying special attention to the inside and outside of the seat. Once the toilets are completely sprayed, wipe everything with a clean cloth: this is the first step in the toilet task you accomplish!

1 minute for a nickel pot
The toilet bowl requires extensive maintenance to avoid lime and scale: don't wait for damage before you take the utmost care!

Your task if you accept it is to clean the toilet for one minute, two to three times a week. You can use bleach or white vinegar to get rid of any dirt before it settles into the bowl. Once you're done brushing, flush the toilet to rinse it: Your toilet bowl will stay sparkling as long as you maintain that rhythm!

In fact, if you notice that your toilet is starting to get clogged, it's time to take action!

If your toilet is clogged with paper (or something else), mix white vinegar and hot water and let it sit for an hour or two, then flush the toilet and the toilet will open! Most surprisingly, but apparently just as effective, if a bottle or two of Coca-Cola is lying around your kitchen, you can pour it down your toilet and leave it overnight.

And in the case of a pot brown by lime, a coffee machine descaling tool is an unexpected but very cool solution. Lay the toilet paper on the sides of the bowl and soak it in the descaling agent. Leave it on for 1-2 hours, then flush the toilet for a flawless result!

The last step of your mission
All you have to do is clean the floor around the toilet. Wipe the area around the toilet first, then wipe it with a cloth dampened with vinegar and water. If you have a few seconds left, you can polish the toilet door handle with a little tea tree essential oil for a guaranteed disinfecting effect!

Tip: If after all this flushing the toilet does not smell of roses but rather vinegar, then the infallible trick against the smell is matches! Hit a match, and the sulfur that comes out will remove the unpleasant odors.